The Law Offices of Eric J. Wexler, CPA
The Law Offices of  Eric J. Wexler, CPA


We take a different approach to pricing our services.  Instead of charging by the hour, we try to set a fixed price at the beginning of the engagement so there are never any surprises later on. 


Our clients love our fixed price arrangements because they know the full cost up front.  Clients also appreciate being able to contact us without feeling the pressure of being "on the clock." 


There are situations, of course, where setting a fixed price is not possible, and we must charge by the hour. When we must do this, we do not charge for photocopies, postage, etc; rather, we simply charge for our time.


While some firms pride themselves on racking up billable hours, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient, top tier tax services to our clients.  To learn more about how we can help you with your tax needs, contact us.

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